NO PRO Wing Show

Friday, July 19, 2019
Only $25 To Enter


Smoke on the Mountain will be hosting the No Pro Wing Show this year for individuals. See the rules and entry form below.

Entry Form

The entry form below is available for download in pdf format. To access a application below, click on the application title. You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat software. If you need this program, click here.

Please print and mail all applications with any applicable fees to:

Twin County Regional Chamber of Commerce
Barbecue Festival Fund
403 North Main Street
Suite 9
Galax, VA 24333

2019 Official NO PRO Wing Show Entry Form

You may download the 2019 entry form by clicking the link above, or you may use our new online form below.


“NO PRO Wing Show” means no competitive barbecue team or restaurant may enter the contest. Therefore, if an individual from a competitive team, restaurant, or professional catering company wishes to compete, they must sign up as an individual with a different team name given that they are NOT the pit master or head chef from any team, restaurant, or professional catering company. This is on the honor system.

A modified MBN scoring system will be used to judge appearance, texture, taste, and overall impression. In the rare event of a tie an on-stage rock-paper-scissors match will determine the winner. Load-in is anytime on Friday after 10am. Check in will be at the people’s choice tent. Team meeting is at 2pm also at the people’s choice tent. Wing distribution to follow until 3:30 cut-off time. Turn-in for traditional wings 5:30 - 5:45 exotic wings 5:45 - 6:00, judging to follow. Double blind judging will be done by non-certified local municipality employees/volunteers/dignitaries. Awards at 8:00pm at the main stage.

All cookers allowed except for deep fryers and air fryers. Examples of allowed cookers: gas, electric, pellet, wood/stick burners, charcoal smokers or grills. If you need power, please bring your own extension cord and we will make best efforts to get you hooked up. Your cooker and any supplies must fit in your 10x10 space--NO EXCEPTIONS. Common water supplied.

All wings must be turned in the supplied container and ungarnished.

Traditional wing defined: non-breaded, non-fried, smoked or grilled wing with or without dry BBQ/buffalo rub and or BBQ/buffalo sauce. Sauce, if used, must be on the wing and not on the side.

Exotic wing defined: non-breaded, non-fried, smoked or grilled wing with cook's choice of spices/rubs/sauces. Sauce, if used, must be on the wing and not on the side.  Examples of exotic wing flavor profiles: Garlic Parmesan, Jamaican Jerk, Jalapeno, etc.

**unreasonably late for turn-in (i.e., after 5:45 traditional or 6:00pm exotic; all judging has begun and all other boxes have been placed on judging tables).
**not enough samples in the box.  Must be at least 6 pieces any more than 6 turned on for each category is appreciated but not required.
**any turned-in wing deemed to be undercooked/unsafe to eat. Wings must be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

** illegal turn in such as not in supplied container or unapproved defined wing as above.


Traditional:                                          Exotic
1st = $150/plaque                               1st = $150/plaque
2nd = $100/plaque                              2nd = $100/plaque
3rd = $50/plaque                                 3rd = $50/plaque

The person with the top combined score from both categories will be publicly proclaimed the Grand Champion and will receive $200, a plaque, and free entry into the following year contest.  The Grand Champion will also be adorned with the “golden chain of the wing” (which must be returned by Saturday) as well as have their name permanently etched on the Smoke on the Mountain No Pro Wing Show display trophy.

Any questions or comments can be sent to Jason Baumgardner at